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InnovatEd Fellowship

InnovatEd Fellowship

The InnovatEd Fellowship is a two-year program designed to provide school leaders with highly individualized and targeted support as they design and launch an innovative school model in Memphis. The ultimate goal of the program is to create high-quality schools that enrich the lives of Memphis students and positively impact the community. 

“EDUCATION is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

Our Approach

MEF is committed to providing Fellows with the resources, support, and skills needed to develop an innovative school model that emphasizes excellence, meets the unique needs of the community, and promotes equitable education for all students. 

Local Mentors
Local mentors will serve as collaborative partners to support Fellows as they develop their school plan. Mentors will provide valuable insights and feedback to Fellows throughout the charter school application process.

MEF and partner agencies will work together to ensure Fellows are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to launch a school. Workshop topics will include school design, board governance, facilities planning, and budget planning.

Exemplar School Visits
Fellow cohorts will visit and tour exemplar schools throughout the design process. Fellows will engage with school leaders, observe high-quality and effective models, and reflect on key takeaways to support their own school design.

Targeted Support
Fellows will receive targeted support throughout the school design, application, and launch phases of the Fellowship. MEF will serve as a true partner in ensuring Fellows have access to key stakeholders, curated resources, and strategic application support.


Phase One:
Design Planning

July 2023-February 2024
Begin school design and operations planning and submit charter application; community outreach for school design input.

Phase Two:
Additional Diligence

February 2024-July 2024
Continue design and planning work and receive charter approval; community outreach for school partnership.

Phase Three:
Launch Planning

July 2024-August 2025
Complete planning and prepare for school launch; community outreach for recruitment and launch support.

Key Upcoming Dates

InnovatEd Fellowship Webinar

InnovatED Fellow Profile

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Ability to think innovatively about school models and creatively think through challenges to problem solve
  • Strong planning and strategic thinking skills that support development of a plan from ideation to execution

Commitment to Excellence

  • Demonstrated track record of success in achieving goals and leading initiatives that improve student outcomes
  • A belief in all students’ ability to achieve at a high level and unwavering commitment to support students and staff to reach their potential

Advocate for Educational Equity

  • Strong belief and commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive community that empowers all students, families, and staff to reach common goals
  • Including experience creating and advocating for spaces that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive

Leadership and Relationship Building

  • Experience in leading programs and teams and supporting them in their professional development
  • Ability to proactively engage stakeholders and build relationships with community members